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This blog is written by the clinicians at Jonah Green and Associates, a mental health practice based in Kensington, MD that provides quality services for children, teens, families, and adults. It is intended as a resource for families who are seeking to expand their knowledge about mental health and mental health services, and also as a resource for families who are seeking quality mental health services, especially in the mid-Atlantic region.

Parenting is Climate Control

Summer is almost over and the school year has already begun. Most days, outside temperatures are becoming manageable as the summer heat retreats to the middle of the day.  As I reach for the thermostat in my house, I am reminded of Dr. Gary Landreth’s analogy of parents choosing to play the role of thermostats

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Choosing to Create Healthy Relationships

The end of the year is often a natural period of reflection where we take inventory of our lives over the past 12 months. For some of us, our thoughts naturally gravitate toward the moments of individual and familial triumph and success in the last year. The moments when we met our goal of having

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Taming the Parental Dragon: Getting Underneath Anger

  We love our children dearly, and they also make us furious.  We may find ourselves angrier at the things our children do, whether they are two or seventeen, than we can remember feeling towards anyone else.  And yet we know that forcefully expressing this anger rarely helps a situation.   Feelings escalate, until everyone becomes

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Taking a Break for Self-Care

Summer Break: Is there even such a thing anymore? When asking friends, colleagues, and clients, “How’s your summer been so far?” the resounding reply has been “BUSY!” With summer vacation winding down and the school year rapidly approaching, allow time for yourself and for your family to relax and recharge. Here are some helpful strategies

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