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This blog is written by the clinicians at Jonah Green and Associates, a mental health practice based in Kensington, MD that provides quality services for children, teens, families, and adults. It is intended as a resource for families who are seeking to expand their knowledge about mental health and mental health services, and also as a resource for families who are seeking quality mental health services, especially in the mid-Atlantic region.

Play: So Much Fun AND So Good for Kids, Too

In our efforts to provide children with every opportunity and advantage they need to succeed in the world, we sometimes overlook a vital ingredient. Imagine for a moment that there is an option available for your child that fosters emotional, social, and cognitive development; reduces stress; improves physical and mental health; strengthens families; and is

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Logical Consequences: Guiding Children Towards Better Choices

Many parents have heard that “logical consequences” are an effective parenting tool. Perhaps because the word “consequence” is often misused as a synonym for “punishment”, some parents express confusion as to the nature of logical consequences, how to apply them, and their purpose. The following questions and answers offer some clarity.

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Teaching Values Through A Weekly Allowance

Your children’s weekly allowance can provide an important opportunity to teach the values that are salient in your family. It is wise to think through as parents how much money you want your children to have, as well as how you want to do it, so that the experience becomes a learning one for them.

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Family Food Fights No More

Parents take it for granted that children know how to breathe. We don’t typically hover over every breath, coaxing and directing. And yet, children breathe in and out all day, all on their own. When it comes to eating, we have a harder time trusting our children.

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